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1 clothing worn on a person's feet
2 covering for a person's feet [syn: footgear]

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  1. An item of clothing that is worn on the foot; such as shoes, sandals, winklepickers etc.


an item of clothing that is worn on the foot

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Footwear consists of garments worn on the feet, for protection against the environment, hygiene and adornment. Socks and other hosiery are worn between the feet and the footwear, except for sandals and flip flops (thongs). Footwear is sometimes associated with fetishism, particularly in some recent fashions in shoes and boots.
People who practice the profession of shoemaking are shoemakers, cobblers or cordwainers.
The oldest known footwear was discovered in Fort Rock Cave in the U.S. state of Oregon; radiocarbon dating of these sandals woven from sagebrush bark indicates an age of least 10,000 years.

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